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SOTM FOR FEB: Boyfriend Benefits by Moontock

The month of February has us listening to Surrey, BC artist Moontock who came across our radar in 2021 when he messaged us about getting airplay the same day the video for 'Alone' dropped, which you can watch here. Moontock isn't afraid of letting his actual personality play into his music. He reps "stay weird," which makes a weirdo like myself happy, all this while still giving us catchy melodies, a laid-back delivery, and music to chill out to. Moontock has since released two more singles titled 'OTP' and the song of the month 'Boyfriend benefits,' which has production from Flippin beats and a favourite here at Chill Rose, 40K. Boyfriend benefits touches on the subject of being a "plan b" when this women's boyfriend is acting toxic and unattentive. Moontock is quick to assert his position with the opening lines:

"I know who I am/ you don't know yourself/ that's why you always hurt/ that's why you cry for help/ and I ain't got the time/ to make sure that your well/ so I'll be mindin mine/ and you could mind yourself."

The true beauty of the song is how Moontock gives us different sides to this story via the verses throughout the song. At one point, Moontock directly addresses all the things she's done due to giving her love to someone that isn't reciprocating it. By the end of the song, a pitched and distorted Moontock comes on to question love itself, with the line:

"...I've been thinking, what's the point of love, if love is what makes you weak?" / "Is love really the one who's blind or are you refusing to see?"

We had the opportunity to ask Moontock some questions about music, life, and the concept of love:

D: "What are five things you are grateful for?"

M: "I'm definitely grateful for my family, the people that support me, the ability to make people smile, bad b***hes that break my heart, and just life in general."

D: "What's the story behind Boyfriend benefits? Is it from a real-life experience? or something you thought would be clever to write about?"

M: "So I sat down one day, and I was talking to my sister about all these women in my DMs that have boyfriends but choose to flirt with me instead. And while we were talking, my sister turned to me and said, "these b***hes want boyfriend benefits from dudes who aren't their boyfriends." And that hit so hard because it was like so spot on, yet I've never heard someone say it or deliver it in such a way. A couple of months later, I was in the studio with this verse, and I had no chorus. So I just decided to hit record and go through my memory, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "these b***hes want boyfriend benefits."

D: "What is your definition of Love?"

M: "Honestly, love is such a confusing thing. Love has the ability to bring people together, but it can also pull us apart, and you never know which one it'll be. It's a dangerous game, but the feeling of love and being loved makes it worth it. I often find myself chasing that feeling. That feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you are with that someone, feeling like you're levitating. Everything feels better when you're in love, but everything sucks without it. Once you get that feeling and then lose it, you can't help but chase that feeling again. I don't even know if I'm making any sense, to be honest, ha."

D: "You seem to be quite passionate about making music and achieving success in this industry; what made you choose this path, and why are you so passionate about it?"

M: "I chose this path when I was a kid, about like 6 years old; my brother really got me into rap. He would make me listen to all the Limewire hits from 50 cent to Nipsey Hussle to old Gucci mane singles. I think it was 50 cent that really inspired me the most. The first step I ever took towards music was through poetry. In the second grade, I won my first poetry competition. And from there, I just wanted more. What makes me so passionate is the feeling you get when you've worked so hard towards something, and you start to see it pay off. I just love it when I put all this effort into a song, and I watch it take off and do good. It makes me feel like a proud dad watching his sons grow up. I just have this unexplainable hunger to always do better and I'm never satisfied, so I keep working harder and harder to make my music perfect."

D: "What ingredients would go into the greatest sandwich?"

M: "Bread,




roast beef,


honey mustard,


BUSSIN sammich."

Love is a confusing concept at times, Moontock; thanks for even attempting to give us an idea of your definition of love. It's not an easy thing to do, but something easy is following Moontock on IG and streaming his music! I appreciate you, and I love you if you made it this far; thank you again to Moontock for allowing us to feature his track as SOTM.

In the meantime, keep creating!

- Darko

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