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Montreal’s FK Dame is a rising star that you are going to want to start keeping an eye out for. I still remember the first time I played “Like a dolphin” off of Fk1 for Columbia Black in the studio, mans lost his mind, couldn’t believe he was MTL. After the success of Fk1, Dame returned in 2020 with Fk Ultra that features the moody and dripped-out banger ‘Handsome.’ The thing about FK is that you can really call him an artist, and a versatile one at that. The ability to blend grunge, crooning, hyper pop, trap, and rap throughout his projects, while doing it all at a high level makes for projects with a little something for everyone. One of the more recent singles FK dropped was ‘GLOBAL.’ A song that would fit easily in a playlist with Uzi, Sofaygo, and Trippie to name a few. I loved the song from the moment I heard it, with so a super catchy melody, FK is swimming through the glitchy 8bit production by NIMBUS. GLOBAL really is the perfect combo of a vibe and banger all rolled into one. Read below about the creation of the song and some other things I had the opportunity to ask FK Dame.

D: Favourite drink? alcoholic or not

FK: Favorite drink is Horchata, it's like this rice dessert type thing. That and water.

I kind of eased off the alcoholics lately but if I had to pick, it would be a Mule. Ginger beer x Tequila.

D: Tell me 5 things you are grateful for?

FK: 5 things I'm grateful for:

1 my team and the people around me who all help to make these visions come to life.

2. Probably the fact that I’m still here right now writing this interview, I’ve had a lot of crazy moments in my life and

I'm just happy to be able to tell the stories and keep going.

3. My fans, they really ride for me, I got the ride or die type fans, couldn't thank them enough

4. My family, I'm pretty lucky to have a family that supports me doing music as a vocation ahahaha, at first they were a little shaky about it

but once I put the work in they've just supported.

5. I'm also really grateful to be able to have this whatever it is in me to be able to connect people through music, it's pretty crazy, sometimes I don't really understand it, but it is what it is.

D: The worst job you ever had?/Best job you ever had?

FK: The worst job I ever had was working at Tommy Hilfiger, shit was so fucking boring.

fold this fold that. hahahah I quit after a week or something.

Best Job I ever had: this by far.

D: Take us thru the creative process behind global? Did you know what you wanted before NIMBUS made the beat? Did you hear the beat first? What was the writing process like?

FK: The writing process behind global was pretty simple actually, I had this melody and like first four bars in my head for about a month,

took it to the studio, showed nimbus and he built the beat around the melody flow of what I had, the rest of the verse and hook I freestyled once we had the beat. We do that a lot. I do a lot of freestyling with my melody's especially the hooks. Nimbus is really good at knowing what it is I want too. Shout out Nimbus

D: For those of us on the west coast, can you talk a bit about the Montreal music scene? I've heard only good things about it, is it really that supportive for an artist like yourself?

FK: The Montreal music scene is really cool. We have a lot of talent and a lot of different vibes out here. It's a really good scene to find your sound and develop as an artist. But the goal is to go Global with it. Hopefully, we can meet when I touch down in Van for a show.

The only thing left for you to do is grab a tall glass of horchata, and listen to the latest singles by FK Dame, ‘Hanna Santana’ feat Yung Tory, ‘Doja’ and run the ‘Telepathy’ ep. Because the next time you see FK Dame he might just have gone global.

A natural born performer, Rebecca Sichon has been ready for the spotlight since a young age. Coming from a musically inclined family made her career choice a rather easy one. Performing on the Misson folk fest stage in 2017, winning the FVMA(Fraser Valley Music Award) in the pop category at only 19 years of age. Similarly to the close knit supportive community she had growing up in Mission, BC, Rebecca found a new musical family that consists of Mat Trewhit and Jacob Hoskins in Vancouver. From songs like ‘Movement,’ ‘Stay,’ and her latest single ‘Our Garden.’ Mat features on 2 out of the 3 creating a beautiful back and forth vocally with Rebecca’s voice and Jacob has his hand in the co-production of the new direction of Rebecca’s music. Rebecca has an uncanny ability to create worlds to get lost in with her music, and this is very evident on the standout track ‘Stay.’ The song itself has evocative lyrics about wanting someone who might not be right for you, but wanting them to stay. The push and pull of the instrumentation, the tension, and the space all help to act as the musical bed that Rebecca and Mat lay in by the end of the track. The music video which is co-directed my Cole Muters and CINEMINT help to better illustrate how Rebecca’s music creates worlds to get lost in. This is definitely one of my favourite songs from Rebecca at the moment, read below about the creation of the song and some other questions I had the opportunity to ask her.

D: You seemed very natural with the acting aspect of the music video, tell us a little about the creation of the video and what it was like on set?

R: Thank you! I have always loved acting so it was an awesome experience getting to do so with Mat for the video. It was directed by Cole Muters and filmed in the span of three days total which was so so fun. When we saw the storyline he and his team made up, the three of us got super excited and couldn't wait to create a narrative for our song. There were definitely moments that made us break out of our comfort zones but overall we had a blast and are so thrilled it's out. It's like a mini movie!

D: You and Matt have a few songs under your belt, what is about him that allows you to be comfortable making dope music?

R: Mat Trewhit and I have been making music often with Jacob Hoskins since I moved to Vancouver back in September of 2020. Jacob, who was one of my producers, was now one of my new roommates, and he introduced Mat and I when Mat was helping him move in. Within the first week of living in the city, we'd already started making "Stay" together. I believe there are certain people especially in the creative world that you just click with and are able to grow alongside, Mat being one of them. We've got lots of projects that we're cooking up together and are excited to share them!!

D: Take us through the creative process behind stay? how long was the writing process, who produced the beat?

R: As I mentioned, "Stay" was written within the first week of us all creatively working together. One day after work, we were sitting in Jacob Hoskins' room and Mat sparked the session by stating he wanted to make an R&B record with a 6/8, ballad type of vibe. Together the boys made the beat, Mat leading the arrangement and creating the drums, while Jacob was responsible for the bass and rich sonic landscape. I had a sore throat that day, but when the first few sections of the track had been written, I felt very inspired to record something. Holding a cup of tea I stepped up to the mic and freestyled over the beat. What came out sounded like a plea and held so much vulnerability that we actually kept the intro vocals and most lyrics from the original improvised recording! Over the span of the next couple months, we chronologically kept adding sections to the track including Mat's verses and the small sneaky French part. It was SUCH a blast to work on and was a completely new direction for the three of us.

D: Tell me 5 things you're grateful for?

R: I am so grateful for the creatives I get to work with, the people that love and support my art, my guitar and piano, the city I am living and working in, and finally my incredible mom, dad, sister and brother. My family have always been my number one fans and I can't thank them enough.

D: Build me the best sandwich? What ingredients would go into it?

R: Okay this is gonna be a veggie sandwich but will most definitely be delicious. First off we start with lightly toasted sourdough bread and a tasteful layer of pesto. Sharp cheddar cheese melted, sauteed onions and then iceberg lettuce, romaine tomatoes and pickles to top it off. Cracked black pepper and frank's for some zaz. mmm.

Be sure to stream the latest single from Rebecca and Mat Trewhit ‘Our garden’ I’m sure that’s were she got some of the ingredients for her delicious sandwich! You now have two things to do this summer, add these two amazing artists to your playlists, follow their socials, and try out Horchata for FK Dame and I’m a call it the Sichon Sandwich for Rebecca.

Until the next SOTM write up, keep creating!

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