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SOTM FOR JAN: The leaves by Mcevoy

Mcevoy has the rare talent of being one of those artists that sounds familiar but has the uncanny ability to make music true to himself. Shoutout to Vancouver art collective 2cream2sugar for putting me on to another quality artist from the city. The leaves by Mcevoy is one of those songs that you can put on and get lost to. The production is simple enough but leaves all the necessary space for Mcevoy to sonically fill in all the remaining pockets, with seemingly effortless croons and a catchy refrain. It's one of those songs you can replay and fall in love with a new part

each time. The video, which you can watch here, is just as captivating as the music. Beginning with Mcevoy tied up in the bed of a pickup truck, we follow along as his captors drive him around before finding the perfect place to lay him to rest. The ending shot could easily be made into a painting, but I'll let you watch the video to see what I mean.

We had the pleasure of asking Mcevoy some questions about music and life:

D: What are some things you have had to unlearn in 2021?

M: I had to unlearn a lot of self-sabotaging tendencies. procrastination is my worst enemy lol

D: What did you learn about yourself In 2021 that you are taking along in 2022?

M: That I love myself!

D: Take us through the creative process of making the song. Also, I love the simple yet provocative nature of the video. Can you tell us a bit about how the video came to be?

M: The song was really just me getting a lot off of my chest, I wanted to keep it minimal, so it was really about finding a simple way to express what I was feeling and going through at that time. Also, thank you for saying that about the video; the video came from sitting down with Nano Clow and brainstorming some simple ideas. I just loved the idea of that shot in the back of the truck, and everything else really stemmed from there.

D: The worst job you ever had?/Best job you ever had?

M: Worst Job: Making Music Sometimes lol. Best Job: Making Music!

D: What in life inspires you to make the music you make? Real-life experiences, hearing someone else make something and thinking about how you can make it your own, is it ultimately a way to release emotions?

M: yea, a lot of writing music for me these days is based on real-life experiences and just experimenting with new sounds! I'm really just always trying to keep it interesting/fun for myself.

Mcevoy is an artist making RnB on his terms and succeeding at it. Another tune to check out if you enjoy the vibes from 'The leaves' is the 2019 release 'In the dark,' which just adds to the catalogue of a polished up and comer. Follow Mcevoy on IG to stay up to date with everyday events and stream the music here.

If you made it this far, I appreciate and love you; and in the meantime, keep creating!

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