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I stopped believing in coincidence and chance a long time ago. So when I asked Surrey, BC producer 40K if he’d let us feature his single ‘Blame’ on Friday, he informed us it was also his birthday. I tweeted once that 40K’s music makes me happy; I’m here to double down on that statement. Since we first got put on to 40K back in 2019 with the single ‘Promises,’ which you can listen to here, the way he uses vocal sample chops that seem to float on top of the production comes across as well, thought out but doesn’t force the issue. The way 40K blends varying genres from electro, soul, funk, and pop, to name a few, is truly a gift. Effortless is an understatement, 40K is what he should be charging artists for beats, but I’m sure that’s a future soon to come. As for Blame, it’s a song that exudes that summer feels from start to finish; it keeps you in a mood of good times, drinks on the beach, cruising in a Jeep etc. There is a video out for ‘Blame’ that you can watch here. I want to take this time to highlight the video team of Murad Ahmed, Jay Sivia, Sahil Mroke, and V. For making 40K look like he’s selling us everything he’s next to like in the video for ‘Circles.’ I’m pretty sure I put a down payment on a stingray and Imma need to get the funds by the end of the month. I’ll link my cash app at the end of this write-up. The grooves that 40K creates, whether on his music or when working with others, are remarkable. We had the opportunity to ask 40K some questions about life and the music below:

D: "Tell us five things you are grateful for?"

40: "I'm grateful everyday

- for my amazing and supportive wife, family and friends.

- to be alive, active, healthy & happy

- that i get to do what i love for a living

- that i learn, grow and progress in my career and life everyday

- for the fans that follow and support my journey"

D: "Who/what was the catalyst that got you on the production journey?"

40: "A friend in highschool showed me FL Studio for the first time in grade 11. After I made my first beat ever on there I was instantly hooked. After high school I enrolled in a Recording Arts program at the Art Institute of Vancouver and have been making music since!"

D: "I've always wanted to know, why 40K?"

40: "Me and my friends used to take my car downtown on the weekends and I only had a CD player at the time. I was super into house music so I would burn 1 song which was an hour long mix of my favourite songs.

When they'd try to change the music they'd be so confused and wondered why I only put one song on a CD. They'd say "bro you spent 40K on school and you can't even burn a proper CD" as a joke. So the name 40K originated from there

and I just ran with it. And yes my school tuition was $40,000 haha."

D: "What activities make you feel like you're living life to the fullest?"

40: "Whenever I create a new piece of music that gets me excited I feel like I'm living life to the fullest. I know when I listen to it and it gives me goosebumps and puts me in an almost euphoric state it's something special. Nothing beats that feeling."

D: "What are some things you had to unlearn?"

40: "I've had to unlearn my way of thinking and perspective on life. I was put on to things like the law of attraction and manifestation and this completely changed my mindset. I started to realize I am where I am because of previous negative thoughts/actions

and in order to change that I needed to be more conscious of my thoughts and energy."

Thank you again to 40K for letting us feature his single 'Blame' be sure follow him on IG for his production videos and stream his music here. I appreciate you and I love you if you made it this far, and Happy born day to 40K!

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