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The summer consists of two moods, July is Cancer season so everyone must cry at least once a week and August is Leo season and everyone should feel like the main character. So keep that in mind as we get into the songs of the month for the summer!

If you've been following the show, you know that sometimes a song comes around that makes you feel emotions to the deepest of depths. On episode #135 of Chill Rose Radio, I debuted 'Broken road' by Kora and was impressed at the poetic nature of the song. I was introduced to Kora via Saucadelic, aka Saucy boy, when I came across their video for 'Blame' off of 'A mood 2 remember' Saucy boy's 2020 EP. Look, when a song starts with "I had to fight with your vices, for your time, I had to act like it wasn't killing me inside, trying to win the space on your lips over a bottle of wine, how is that fair" that's called setting the scene. Immediately bringing you into her world, Kora talked to us about the genuine honesty of her songwriting and why this song is a clear example of allowing art to be therapy. "But over time, I've learned to use songwriting as a form of therapy almost and just to lay it all on the table." Not only did Kora write and birth the initial idea for the song, she knew there was something else she needed to make the song complete. Enter Clueless kit, aka Marc Wavy, who you might know produces for Juno nominated Eric Reprid. The duo came together to make something special, giving Kora just the right amount of space in the beat to make you listen intently. Kora's vocal performance should not go unnoticed, it's one thing to sing a song, but when you sing from the place where the feeling resides, it allows the listener to feel what you are trying to portray. We had the opportunity to ask Kora a few questions about her music but also just her life in general:

D:"What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?" K:"I think the best way to attain happiness is to attain peace first. Once you find peace in your energy and your life, happiness literally just follows. Knowing yourself, and vibing with who you are as a whole and not giving a f*** about what other people think or do is the quickest way to find happiness."

D:"Favourite drink? Alcoholic or not"

K:“I’d have to say coffee. There is literally never a bad time for coffee. Always hits the spot. “

D:"Take us through the creative process of 'Broken road' Did you and clueless kit make it in the same room, did you hear the beat, and immediately know what direction to take the song?" K:"For this song we did it a little different than how our songs usually come about, actually. I had written the song and was super amped on it but wanted the Clueless Kit touch so I sent him a video of me playing/ singing the song and asked if he wanted to partake. He said yes (like a king) so I sent him the chords I used and he sent back an incredible beat. He definitely took the barest idea of a riff and produced it into such a dope composition, and then we made magic."

D:"The songwriting on this song is top tier, it truly paints a picture, a movie even. What is it about songwriting that you love so much? Also, do you pull from your personal life or do you do it just for art's sake?" K:"So for this song, I definitely wrote it based off personal experiences. This was one of the first songs I wrote completely for my own healing and didn’t care if it upset other people. I used to be timid of the idea of writing super personal songs just because I didn’t want people to hear it and try and piece things together and make assumptions. But over time I’ve learned to use song writing as a form of therapy almost and just to lay it all on the table. Which I guess also answers what I love about song writing so much; being able to share an experience or feeling in a way where other people can relate to it and feel the feels too haha."

D: "Tell me 5 things you are grateful for?"

K:"1) I’m grateful for my daughter foremost. She is genuinely the light of my life and favourite muse.

2) I’m grateful for the people who support my music and encourage me to grow as a person.

3) For my family, they’re genuinely the best people I know and have my back no matter what.

4) My best friend who stops at nothing to hype me up and allow me to be the best version of myself possible

5) Music. The outlet it gives me and the friends it’s made me. Forever grateful for music."

Be sure to follow Kora's musical journey, her growth, and her success as one of the gems of the Vancouver music scene. Her latest single 'Trust issues' does not disappoint as well, allowing her to experiment with a different sound. If you have to cry before the end of summer I recommend 'Broken road.'

Two artists who rarely miss when it comes to creating gems teamed up for something unique. Play it at the following function and thank me later. Skinny Local is a man who has lived many different lives, forever reinventing himself and not allowing his creations to be limited. He might live within the internet and project himself into human form to make music with the rest of us humans, but that's a conspiracy theory for Reddit. I was introduced to Skinny via Saint Soldier when they started collaborating on various projects. RPG is the song for the main character, and the intro even sounds like waking up from a dream and starting the mission for the day. Skinny is someone who isn't scared of experimenting, which allows him to create genuinely unique-sounding music. BAINS. being one of the waviest artists in the city adds the perfect flows and melodies to accent the glitchy 8bit sound of the production. In addition to all the sly references to RPGs, "I knew going in that Skinny's project is a video game-themed one, so I wanted to stick to that topic but put my own spin on it. I used RPG games as a metaphor for progressing through my career as if it were a video game." The song's final chorus is the boss battle, and the outro is the main character going back to sleep. Trust, listen to the track with this in mind, and you too might power up like an RPG. I had the pleasure of asking Skinny and BAINS. a few questions about life and music:

D:"If you had to choose one artist to listen to for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?"

S: "Other than BAINS., Keke Okereke has been an artist that has somehow been a big part of my life since 2004, during the early Bloc Party days. He has kept my attention since due to his incredible versatility from indie rock to house music. I could definitely listen to his music forever."

B: "Probably Kanye, cause there’s so much diversity in his discography"

D:"To me this song came out of nowhere, and it was a welcomed surprised. Take us through the creative process? Where did the concept for using RPG as a focal point come from? Was the beat already made? Where you in the studio together?"

S:"I was working on a few beats for BAINS. , and I thought I'd also make something totally different from what I usually do, especially knowing BAINS. could do it all. This beat was inspired heavily by Final Fantasy X , which was one of my favorite games growing up. I wanted to create the production around sounds from the video game, and make something beautiful. BAINS. ended up thankfully picking this production, and after a quick chat at BAINS. basement lair on the themes of the track, he got to writing. BAINS. restructured the track, recorded, and a few days later, he sent over the vocals. I loved it instantly. It made me go back into the production and work around some of his vocals. I wanted this to be the last track on my EP, which otherwise is pretty chaotic and heavy."

B:"The beat was mostly done by the time I got to it, it was really easy to write to. We did meet up a few times after I recorded, to work through the arrangement/mix together. I came up with the RPG concept as I was recording. I knew going in that Skinny’s project is a video game themed one, so I wanted to stick to that topic, but put my own spin on it. I used RPG games as a metaphor for progressing through my career, as if it were a video game."

D:"What's your favourite RPG and why?"

S:"Final Fantasy X will always hold a special place in my heart because it was one of the first PS2 games I ever bought. The ending is so emotional."

B:"Fallout New Vegas! I’ve played it like 5 times, on every console I’ve owned since it came out. The fallout universe has always been really interesting to me, and New Vegas is the best of them, in my opinion."

D:"Tell me 5 things you are grateful for?"

S:"My fiancée, Music, Film, Great Friends/Family, Oxygen."

B:"Health, Creativity, Good food, Good weed, and my PS5 (they ain’t easy to get!)"

D:"Favourite drink? Alcoholic or not"

S:"An ice cold Cream Soda SPAR LETTA. It's a soft drink from South Africa that tastes amazing."

B:"Dr. Pepper or any kind of Cherry Coke/Pepsi."

You now have video games to go play, drinks to drink, and music to listen to. Be on the lookout for the new Skinny Local album, BAINS. is also gearing up to release 'Stone cold' featuring Teon Gibbs on Sept. 3rd. Only thing left for you to do is follow both BAINS. and Skinny local on their musical journey and to not be afraid of being the main character in your RPG.

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